Transport Technology


Our business unit of transport technology deals with the design, engineering, planning and production of systems used to transport bulk goods (pallets, crates, parcels etc.).

This means that we take care of planning, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of your machines and systems as a one-stop solution. We cooperate with you to plan and construct complete transport systems or to enlarge your existing ones.

Close and continuous consulting throughout the project is self-evidently included in our services. It does not matter whether the solution is manual, semi- or fully automatic.

Naturally, you can also obtain all components (e.g. the conveyor belt or roller conveyor) and spare parts (e.g. swivel castors, ball castors, carrier rollers etc.) from us as well, also individually.

Packaging line for a wholesaler of connectors and electrical parts. The packaging line has an electric drive, and each segment can be switched on and off individually.